Posted by: adamthedad | February 7, 2010

First haircut!

So, after 20 months, it was finally time, and I with my steel resolve not to let any son of mine have a mullet, and beautiful wife’s and my fear that little dude was going lose his flippin’ cute curls, we set out. Out for that momentous occasion, the first hair cut. Luckily we had heard through the grapevine of a great place to get little dude’s hair cut, called cool cuts for kids, check it out here. I gotta say, it was worth every penny of the 18.50 plus tip we paid for it. They had elmo or any number of movies for little dude to watch, and be entertained, plus he got his hair cut in a fire truck. They also have video games for the older kids, along with a play area for kids to wait in. Let me walk you through the experience:


The fire engine, notice little dude is standing, but the awesome hairdresser is not phased, nor does she make him sit down:

The hairdresser was wicked fast, yes I said wicked, which is great because it allows for less opportunity for a meltdown, total time from before picture to after is 8 minutes:

What have I gotten myself into:




  1. OKay I'm new to your blog. But SUPER SUPER SUPER cute kid and very fun post! I'm going to follow you on twitter… wanted to say HI! 🙂

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