Posted by: adamthedad | February 2, 2010

Have Gastropub is great until…

…Until you get to dessert and realize your pregnant wife can’t have any of it. 

Let me explain, I’ll start at the beginning. Last Friday night there was a little get together of OC bloggers called blogcrush. There was going to be beer and food, I was in. It was also a great chance for a date night with beautiful wife. It started off well:

Then it got better, these are the best chips I have ever had, and let me tell you I’ve had a lot of chips in my day:

Then it got really good (please note the name of this beer is not suitable for a family publication):

Then it got 4 times as good:

Then came the tragic part, so far the beer was good, the food was great (both organic and locally grown), and the prices were very reasonable. Not to mention the ambiance and company was great as well. But what made beautiful wife make this face;

Let’s take a closer look:

Aside from the bacon ice cream (which bacon makes beautiful wife want to vomit), and the one with bleu cheese (a pregnant no-no) all the desserts are made with copious amounts of liquor! What the heck! Oh well, it was a great night, and highly recommend Haven Gastro pub, unless your pregnant with a sweet tooth.

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