About Me

Allow myself to introduce myself.
A little about me:

  • I’m father of two, the most recent joined us in April of 2010. Both are little dudes.
  • I am an extreme extrovert and this blog is an outlet for my extrovertedness.
  • You can trust me, I’m Canadian…
  • I love my family, my friends, and baseball, especially during the playoffs (I have the playoff beard to prove it)
  • I have webbed toes (TMI?)
  • I think I’m pretty funny, and I hope you agree, if you don’t, do me a favor and just smile and nod, I won’t notice, thanks.
10 things I never thought I’d learn

1. I really don’t have any patience, none, I thought I did, but I don’t.
2. Never, ever, ever, turn down a helping hand, especially when your kid likes to stick his hand in his own poop.
3. Your child can survive on quesadilla’s, grilled cheese sandwiches, and cheerios.
4. No matter how hard I try at this Dad thing, nothing beats Mama.
5. This house will never be as clean as when my wife cleans it, I think she has a magic wand or something.
6. Forget the Dog, a diaper dude diaper bag is your best friend (did I mention Brad Pitt has one)
7. My son will drive me up the wall, but he is too freaking cute for me to stay there.
8. I can’t take enough pictures of him:
9.  if you are the last person to feed or wake my son up, you are now his favorite, congratulations.
10. Being a Dad is more rewarding than I ever thought possible.

9 things I never thought I’d say

1. Let’s not stick THAT up your nose.
2. Eat your Broccoli/Cauliflower it’s uhhhh Yummy.
3. Get your hand out of your butt!
4. Oh, I would absolutely love to read Good Night Gorilla again, it’s my favorite!
5. Don’t touch that, yucky, yucky, yucky, yucky.
6. Hootie just got a standing ovation at the CMA’s.
7. It’s 7:30 wow, we slept in.
8. Are you stinky?
9. Awe C’MON, not in your poop!


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