Posted by: adamthedad | March 19, 2010

It’s not dinner, it’s a negotiation

Dinner in our house is not so much meal as an ongoing negotiation. They go like this:

Us: Eat your chicken nuggets please
Little dude: Cheese? (note: cheese is in our salads)
Us: Eat two chicken nuggets and you can have some cheese
Little dude: Grabs a nugget “MMMMMM” pushes away plate “Cheese”
Us: Eat another nugget and you can have more cheese.
Repeat until no more cheese
Little dude: Fruit?
Us: Eat your carrots and you can have fruit.
Little dude: grabs carrot “MMMMMM” pushes plate a way “Fruit?”
and it continues, and continues, and well you get the point.

It should also be noted that chicken nuggets can be replaced with any of the following: noodles, sandwich, quesadilla, or mac and cheese. Fruit can be replaced with, well, more fruit.

But hey, at least he’s eating right?



  1. I never really enforced fantastic eating habits when my kids were little. Now they're teenage monsters and they eat fairly well. He's a cutie! Visiting via twitter (@mariahdawn )

  2. At least he's asking for cheese and fruit as a reward instead of ice cream.

  3. Mad 'n Hairy, true, although he does as for a cookie with a "I know you're going to say no, but I thought I'd ask anyway" kind of look.

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