Posted by: adamthedad | November 24, 2009

Into the woods we go!

Into the Woods we go

Every year right around thanksgiving We head over to Peltzer Pines tree farm, check them out here: Be sure to appreciate the awesome retro picture on the main page. We pick out our tree and then pick it up later.

I’ve been gong for probably over 10 years now, and beautiful wife has been joining me for the last 5. This year marked little dudes second visit, and this time was much more fun for him, seeing as this was him last year:

It’s a lot of fun, and a great family tradition. Little dude loved running around and exploring, and since there is a huge selection of trees there it was pretty much endless fun.

This year they also added pony rides, a couple of vendors with food, and a “petting zoo,” I put petting zoo in quotes because, well, take a look:

I should note that trees here are not the cheapest. Average price at say home depot is 35-40 bucks a tree, the cheapest tree we saw this weekend was $47. But, you can’t beat the freshness. Peltzer Pines has two different types of trees, your traditional pine tree, and a Leyland Cypress, which is unique to Peltzer, we like the tree because it doesn’t have any pointy needles , and doesn’t shed it’s “leaves” like pines do, making it very baby friendly.

Overall we enjoy the experience and will continue to go back.

Retro festive little dude pic o’ the day


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