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So, Um, Yesterday Pretty Much Stunk

This about sums up my day yesterday. Let’s just say Monday, you win this round. What was my first full day as a work at home Dad, turned out to be about the toughest day in all my time as a father. It started out well enough but ended with me stress eating my way through a double quarter-pounder, fries, and the ironically chosen Diet Coke. (What you didn’t think guys stress eat?)

Let me explain, no, that will take to long, let me sum up. Mini Dude was sick, and Little Dude had just recovered from being sick. Ok, that didn’t take as long as I though it would.  Let me expand on that. So, Thursday last week Little dude came home from pre-school with a 103.1 fever, that stunk, because it also happened to be my last day of work at the church, and I couldn’t get home to him until late in the afternoon. He continued to fight off a fever, and a sore throat the next day. It turned out he had Hand, Foot, Mouth disease for the second summer running, we figured it wouldn’t take too long for it to hit Mini Dude, and we were right. Sure enough on Saturday afternoon at nap time, Mini Dude got hit hard, and proceeded to empty the contents of his stomach into my wife’s hair.

With that, it was on for him. That night he woke up several times, and he awoke on Sunday with the sore throat. Getting him to drink water was a challenge, but oddly enough, he at a bunch of stake for dinner. Which was especially fun around 2am Sunday night when he proceeded to empty his stomach all over me. Good times. So that brings us to Monday morning. Me and my beautiful wife are working on about 2 hours of sleep (and not all in a row,) Mini Dude hasn’t slept for more than an hour straight for 2 nights, and his throat still hurts. Then, there is Little Dude. He, feels better. And you know what happens when a four year old feels better and has been stuck inside for 3 days? He has the energy of a tornado, hurricane, and an earthquake all rolled into one, and the patience to match.

Needless to say, beautiful wife headed back to work, and I was left alone to conquer my Fatherhood Everest. Poor Mini Dude would cry inconsolably about every 45 minutes from about 11am on, Little Dude, would get jealous of the fact that I couldn’t pay enough attention to him, and he’d act out. It was a vicious circle of tears and timeouts. Nap time finally came, and once again Mini Dude only slept for 45 minutes (when he really needed at least 3) and I took pity on him and let him sleep on me for another two hours. But after he woke up, the crying re-commenced, and it was almost impossible to get him to drink water. In fear of dehydration (we wend to the ER for it after last summers HFM issue,) I almost cracked. And then it happened, he drank, then he drank some more. Then, he peed, and I’ll tell you, I’ve never been so happy to change a diaper.

The rest of the evening was a mix of stress eating on my part, crankiness for Mini-Dude, and spazziness on the part of Little Dude. But then bed time came, and although Mini Dude woke up at 10:30, he did not wake up again. And sleep, did him good. Today, he’s a whole other kid…



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I’m back, and all new!

Ok, well not that all new, at least not in the literal sense. But today marks the beginning of a new phase in my life. The working from home phase. Yup, I’ve been spending the last year (well, something like 340 days,) working for the church as well for Razor. Don’t get me wrong it’s be great, the people I work with at both places are awesome, and at the church I had the pleasure of effecting people’s spiritual lives. Recently though, my beautiful wife went back to work, (okay, that was 4 months ago,) and since she is a high powered marketing executive, my work at the church became a luxury. It’s weird to think of a job as a luxury, right? So, with more flexibility needed on my part, I decided that the church needed someone who could give them more time. So now? Here we are:

My new home, and the command center for all things social media and Adam_TheDad. I’ll be working from home, playing with the boys between tweets and content creation, and generally bringing the awesome in a more concentrated form. Keep an eye out for big things down the road.

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Little Dude’s Next Big Milestone

Whoa, how the heck did this happen?


In case you are wondering, his shirt says “Community Nursery School.” Roughly translated? Preschool. Yup, little dude started preschool. I’m way to young to have a preschooler. But here we are. With a little dude who is so ready for preschool that his teacher has already told us “he was born for this.” I mean, I knew he was social, and good in new situations, but did he have to be this good?

Let me give you the play by play of the beginning of his first day of preschool. We take a bunch of pictures of his goofy mug like this one:


Then we walk up, and take a few more pictures, and walk up to the class, my son walks confidently past kids screaming for there parents, opens the door, and he’s gone, no goodbye, nothing. This isn’t one of those things where he was expecting us to stick around, nope, he knew we were leaving, and it didn’t effect him one bit. Now, part of me thinks, hey, doesn’t he care about us, why doesn’t he care that we are leaving him in this strange new land. But the other part, the other part is proud papa, proud that my little man is so independent, that he is ready to take on the world. Because, well, that’s the point of parenting right?

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Dad’s Day Out: Discovery Cube Edition

So I’m starting to video blog more (I’m not going to say vlog, because I can never figure out how to pronounce it, is it; vee-log, vah-log, what?) I do have a subject though, Dad’s Day out, and this one is from the Discovery Science Center. (P.S. I promise I was not drinking when I shot this, really)

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Did I tell you about the time…

…When my son told off the bully? Yup, my 3 year old did it, he stood in the boy’s face, wagged his finger and said “Don’t you ever hit me again.” That’s. My. Boy. This is what I think we all hope our kids will be able to do, to have the confidence to not allow themselves to be bullied. To look that kid who is trying to make them feel like less of a person, and tell ’em to shove it.

Yup, that’s my boy, he stood there in the big multi-colored bounce house and told that kid off. Told him that if he tried it again, he’d have him to deal with, told him to back off. Maybe it’s just proud papa talking here, but really, how many three year olds could do that? This one can:


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Forgive me, I’ve been busy

Forgive me, I know it’s be like, oh, four months or so since I last posted here on the old blog. But, really, it’s not my fault. Okay, it is, but I have a good reason, er, excuse. I’ve been a wee bit busy, and trying to find a balance that involves being able to write, hasn’t been what I would call easy. You see, in the past 4 months, a lot has changed, and I mean a LOT. Did I tell you I quit my job? (Of course not, I haven’t blogged in 4 months.) But I didn’t just quit one job for another, I quit one job for two jobs. Two jobs, that I happen to love, which is a nice change in itself, you should try it sometime. Now though, I’m working roughly 70 hours a week, doing sometime I love, but it does tend to take time away the whole writing thing. You can imagine there isn’t a whole lot of time outside of that, especially when you add in family milestones.

Take for instance this barrage of cuteness:




And that’s just the cuteness. We’ve also had some firsts. For example, the first bike ride with both boys in the trailer at the same time (it’s harder than it looks:)


First movie for mini-dude (Kung-Fu Panda 2 good, but really, the 3D is pointless:)


We participated in Race for the Cure, where mini-dude was cute, ad little dude, was a rock climber:



Oh, and HELLO! Little dude started pre-school, here’s a teaser of a post from another day:



So, I think that’s a lot, and quite frankly has kept me on my toes. But, I think i’ve got this thing dialed in now, so, I’m on my way back to the land of regularly scheduled updates.

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Where I am today: September 27, 2011 at 06:58PM

Jami got us tickets to an Angels game for my birthday, not bad seats, prime fly ball territory!:

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Time for the Pool!

So we love our new community. It is the most family friendly area I’ve lived in since, well, I was a kid. There are always things today, monthly movies in the park, 4th of July parades, even a camp out next month. There is one thing however that brings both Beautiful Wife and I back to when we were kids. That thing is the community swim teams in Irvine. You see, we both grew up in the pool, daily practices, weekly swim meets. In fact, we were actually arch rivals, her swimming for the Greentree Gators, me for the Deerfield Bluefins. Fast forward, oh 20 years, and we are back pool side, this time with little dude, on a pool deck that I might add, we were both on at the same time, more than 10 years before we met.

Now, Little dude, seems to have inherited the fish gene that his Mom and I have and he has picked up swimming very quickly. He did have a lot of help from a little one on one time with some private lessons, but it made our hearts soar to hear his coach at the local pool say “So, Little Dude can swim, good to know.” We weren’t sure how he was going to do in a big group setting, turns out though? He’s a bit of a ring leader, we think it’s the goggles:

His coaches are great, in fact they are the same ones that beautiful wife had when she was a kid (somehow perfect preserved, probably from the chlorine.) The best part? The sense of community that we get, the same one our parent felt, and all of a sudden I realized how important it was not only for us to be in the water, but for our parents to be on the pool deck. We’re looking forward to the summer.

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Father’s Day Recap

For father’s day I received a couple of T-shirts and a polo shirt as presents from my boys (and wife.) Which is great because it really is time for me to replace the late 90’s Von Dutch and target brand shirts I’ve been wearing (what you don’t wear your shirts for more than a decade?) But the real gift I got was time to be with my boys. I mean let’s face it, if it weren’t for them, I would be celebrating Father’s day no would I?

I used to think of Father’s day as a time to celebrate my Dad (which it still is by the way.) But now that I have my boys, I actually see it very differently. I now see it as a time to celebrate my relationship with them. The bring so much joy to my life, I sometime need a day to remember that they do, in fact, complete my life. That’s why I actually find it hard to understand those that for Father’s day, want to spend a day, well, not being a Father, getting out and playing golf for two or three hours, and being away from the reason that they even have something to celebrate. I suppose it might be different for a stay at home Dad, then, I might want a break. Even then though, I’m not sure I’d feel that way.

Because of the weather that day, we didn’t get to do some of the things I was hoping, but you know what? We got to hand out as a family. I played cars, and ran around the house follow by cries of “I’m gonna get youuuuu.” We cuddled, I got lots of kisses and hugs, and had a wonderful day. Why would anyone want to miss out on that? Or hanging out with these two:

You know, I’d be interested in hearing what you think about Father’s day? Share in the comments!

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Little Dude turns 3

The fact that the two dudes birthdays are less than two months apart means we get to have quite a bit of fun around our house in April and May. Pay no attention to the fact their Birthday posts are only a week a part, shh, I’ve been busy throwing birthday parties! Little dude was great, the weather turned out to be awesome, and we were able to use the bounce house we couldn’t use for mini-dudes first. We tend to go for more of a free flowing theme, as in, the theme is bright colors. I mean he’s only 3, he doesn’t quite get the big idea. All he really cares about is whether or not there’s going to be cake. Actually we let him pick out the type of bounce house he would have and he spent the next several weeks talking about his “bounce house party.” Good times were had by all, and we are super thankful for all that came. Ok, enough talk, here’s the awesomeness of little dudes party:

First we had a little fun in the bounce house:

Which was follow by a giant cupake (complete with look of awe:)

Then something that sounded like “Om nom nom nom” happened:

It ended with a little bad influence from his Uncle Ryan:

And of course a family photo:

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