Posted by: adamthedad | February 15, 2013


Do you remember when this:

Was all you needed to have an adventure?

When we would leave the house shortly after breakfast, and not return until the street light’s came on? And our parents didn’t worry one bit, and since this was before cell phones, there was no way for them to get a hold of us anyway. Oh, the adventures my friends and I had, forts were built, battles were waged, epic two hand touch football games were played. When we got hurt, we shook it off and played some more, when we got tired we sat, hungry? We went to the nearest friend’s house and raided the fridge.  What happened to those days?

Some would argue that the world was a safer place then. I’m not so sure, I think that with today’s technology and 24 hour news cycle, we just hear about the danger more. That makes the world a scarier place to send our kids out in. I can’t even say that I’ll feel comfortable enough to send my boys out into the world by themselves, certainly not without some kind of electronic leash. But I do think I can help them use that imagination, and give them a place to explore, the freedom to adventure. It’s up to me really, to turn off the TV, and make something happen for them. It’s up to me, to cut back on the episodes of Phineas and Ferb, and games of Angry Birds on the iPad. It’s up to me to help them find wonder.

Because you know what? Wonder is still out there.


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