Posted by: adamthedad | January 25, 2013

Making Memories

Many of you who know me, or follow me on Instagram know and are insanely jealous  of that fact that I get to take my boys to Disneyland about once a week. It’s something that both they and I look forward to, and it’s something that I for one (and hopefully them too) will remember and look back on fondly.

I think it’s incredibly important for us as parents to provide opportunities for our kids to use their imaginations, and build memories. They are after all, kids, and we should let them be kids. Running around, climbing on things, flying through the air. The sounds of laughter and adventure are second to none.

Of course, Disneyland passes are a bit of an expensive way to create memories, and there are lots of other favorites. The park is our other favorite. But here’s the key, at least for me. Get in their and play with your kids.  Run, jump, chase, play freeze tag. Let them lead you around, set the game, take you where their imaginations will take you. You will never regret spending extra time with your kids.


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