Posted by: adamthedad | July 30, 2012

Potty Training!

So, here we are, three days into potty training for mini-dude and I have to say; he’s impressing the heck out of me. I don’t want to jinx it, because I know as soon as I put this in writing we’ll have an accident,  but he hasn’t has on since Saturday morning. I guess when you’re ready you’re ready. He’s been wanting to go on the potty for weeks, and waking up dry for at least that long. So we figured he was ready. It also helps that he as a big brother to model the behavior for him too. But even so, he picked it up so quickly.

All it’s taken is some awesome new big boy underwear, some chocolate chip bribery, and some incessant repeats of “Let us know when you have to go potty,” and he was well on the way. Today I even plan to venture out of the house, which, is totally freaking me out. But we’ll see. I have faith in my little guy, but he really has been doing so well. I think maybe we’ve cleaned up only a hand full of accidents on the first day, and one accident of the smelly nature on day two, and then he got it. Although I will say, good old, #2, I’m a little nervous, because although he went once, it seemed to freak him out a bit. He was actually asking for a diaper while he was doing it, and looked a little scared. But, he did it. Which is probably too much information for you, but tough, it’s my blog.

I will say though that they key to all of this was taking 3 days off from leaving the house, and while I do think we are all a little stir crazy. It’s good to give it undivided attention for a few days, without distractions. We do use a pull up at nap and bed time, but he’s waking up dry from both. The rest of the time it’s all undies all the time. I suggest having your kiddo wear his underwear, as it it gets him used to wearing them, and it helps when accidents happen, especially those of the smelly kind for clean up. The process is supposed to take three days, and so far so good. We did the same thing with Little Dude, but he took a bit longer then the three days. You just need to be patient, because not every child is going to hit the ground running right away. But if you stick with it, you’ll never have to change a diaper again. And lets face it folks,  that’s every parents goal in life.




  1. I think if you want to be a parent, you can’t be feint of heart! If anyone can’t read about a little #2 action, they might not take well to parenthood! Enjoy your site topic–my wife and I are expecting twins, so I’m kicking off one of my own. Looking forward to an awesome ride.

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