Posted by: adamthedad | July 17, 2012

So, Um, Yesterday Pretty Much Stunk

This about sums up my day yesterday. Let’s just say Monday, you win this round. What was my first full day as a work at home Dad, turned out to be about the toughest day in all my time as a father. It started out well enough but ended with me stress eating my way through a double quarter-pounder, fries, and the ironically chosen Diet Coke. (What you didn’t think guys stress eat?)

Let me explain, no, that will take to long, let me sum up. Mini Dude was sick, and Little Dude had just recovered from being sick. Ok, that didn’t take as long as I though it would.  Let me expand on that. So, Thursday last week Little dude came home from pre-school with a 103.1 fever, that stunk, because it also happened to be my last day of work at the church, and I couldn’t get home to him until late in the afternoon. He continued to fight off a fever, and a sore throat the next day. It turned out he had Hand, Foot, Mouth disease for the second summer running, we figured it wouldn’t take too long for it to hit Mini Dude, and we were right. Sure enough on Saturday afternoon at nap time, Mini Dude got hit hard, and proceeded to empty the contents of his stomach into my wife’s hair.

With that, it was on for him. That night he woke up several times, and he awoke on Sunday with the sore throat. Getting him to drink water was a challenge, but oddly enough, he at a bunch of stake for dinner. Which was especially fun around 2am Sunday night when he proceeded to empty his stomach all over me. Good times. So that brings us to Monday morning. Me and my beautiful wife are working on about 2 hours of sleep (and not all in a row,) Mini Dude hasn’t slept for more than an hour straight for 2 nights, and his throat still hurts. Then, there is Little Dude. He, feels better. And you know what happens when a four year old feels better and has been stuck inside for 3 days? He has the energy of a tornado, hurricane, and an earthquake all rolled into one, and the patience to match.

Needless to say, beautiful wife headed back to work, and I was left alone to conquer my Fatherhood Everest. Poor Mini Dude would cry inconsolably about every 45 minutes from about 11am on, Little Dude, would get jealous of the fact that I couldn’t pay enough attention to him, and he’d act out. It was a vicious circle of tears and timeouts. Nap time finally came, and once again Mini Dude only slept for 45 minutes (when he really needed at least 3) and I took pity on him and let him sleep on me for another two hours. But after he woke up, the crying re-commenced, and it was almost impossible to get him to drink water. In fear of dehydration (we wend to the ER for it after last summers HFM issue,) I almost cracked. And then it happened, he drank, then he drank some more. Then, he peed, and I’ll tell you, I’ve never been so happy to change a diaper.

The rest of the evening was a mix of stress eating on my part, crankiness for Mini-Dude, and spazziness on the part of Little Dude. But then bed time came, and although Mini Dude woke up at 10:30, he did not wake up again. And sleep, did him good. Today, he’s a whole other kid…




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