Posted by: adamthedad | July 16, 2012

I’m back, and all new!

Ok, well not that all new, at least not in the literal sense. But today marks the beginning of a new phase in my life. The working from home phase. Yup, I’ve been spending the last year (well, something like 340 days,) working for the church as well for Razor. Don’t get me wrong it’s be great, the people I work with at both places are awesome, and at the church I had the pleasure of effecting people’s spiritual lives. Recently though, my beautiful wife went back to work, (okay, that was 4 months ago,) and since she is a high powered marketing executive, my work at the church became a luxury. It’s weird to think of a job as a luxury, right? So, with more flexibility needed on my part, I decided that the church needed someone who could give them more time. So now? Here we are:

My new home, and the command center for all things social media and Adam_TheDad. I’ll be working from home, playing with the boys between tweets and content creation, and generally bringing the awesome in a more concentrated form. Keep an eye out for big things down the road.


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