Posted by: adamthedad | October 20, 2011

Little Dude’s Next Big Milestone

Whoa, how the heck did this happen?


In case you are wondering, his shirt says “Community Nursery School.” Roughly translated? Preschool. Yup, little dude started preschool. I’m way to young to have a preschooler. But here we are. With a little dude who is so ready for preschool that his teacher has already told us “he was born for this.” I mean, I knew he was social, and good in new situations, but did he have to be this good?

Let me give you the play by play of the beginning of his first day of preschool. We take a bunch of pictures of his goofy mug like this one:


Then we walk up, and take a few more pictures, and walk up to the class, my son walks confidently past kids screaming for there parents, opens the door, and he’s gone, no goodbye, nothing. This isn’t one of those things where he was expecting us to stick around, nope, he knew we were leaving, and it didn’t effect him one bit. Now, part of me thinks, hey, doesn’t he care about us, why doesn’t he care that we are leaving him in this strange new land. But the other part, the other part is proud papa, proud that my little man is so independent, that he is ready to take on the world. Because, well, that’s the point of parenting right?


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