Posted by: adamthedad | October 13, 2011

Did I tell you about the time…

…When my son told off the bully? Yup, my 3 year old did it, he stood in the boy’s face, wagged his finger and said “Don’t you ever hit me again.” That’s. My. Boy. This is what I think we all hope our kids will be able to do, to have the confidence to not allow themselves to be bullied. To look that kid who is trying to make them feel like less of a person, and tell ’em to shove it.

Yup, that’s my boy, he stood there in the big multi-colored bounce house and told that kid off. Told him that if he tried it again, he’d have him to deal with, told him to back off. Maybe it’s just proud papa talking here, but really, how many three year olds could do that? This one can:



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