Posted by: adamthedad | July 4, 2011

Time for the Pool!

So we love our new community. It is the most family friendly area I’ve lived in since, well, I was a kid. There are always things today, monthly movies in the park, 4th of July parades, even a camp out next month. There is one thing however that brings both Beautiful Wife and I back to when we were kids. That thing is the community swim teams in Irvine. You see, we both grew up in the pool, daily practices, weekly swim meets. In fact, we were actually arch rivals, her swimming for the Greentree Gators, me for the Deerfield Bluefins. Fast forward, oh 20 years, and we are back pool side, this time with little dude, on a pool deck that I might add, we were both on at the same time, more than 10 years before we met.

Now, Little dude, seems to have inherited the fish gene that his Mom and I have and he has picked up swimming very quickly. He did have a lot of help from a little one on one time with some private lessons, but it made our hearts soar to hear his coach at the local pool say “So, Little Dude can swim, good to know.” We weren’t sure how he was going to do in a big group setting, turns out though? He’s a bit of a ring leader, we think it’s the goggles:

His coaches are great, in fact they are the same ones that beautiful wife had when she was a kid (somehow perfect preserved, probably from the chlorine.) The best part? The sense of community that we get, the same one our parent felt, and all of a sudden I realized how important it was not only for us to be in the water, but for our parents to be on the pool deck. We’re looking forward to the summer.



  1. That sounds like it was an awesome start to your summer! I hope the rest of it was just as good. 🙂

    Happy #CommentDay!

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