Posted by: adamthedad | June 14, 2011

Little Dude turns 3

The fact that the two dudes birthdays are less than two months apart means we get to have quite a bit of fun around our house in April and May. Pay no attention to the fact their Birthday posts are only a week a part, shh, I’ve been busy throwing birthday parties! Little dude was great, the weather turned out to be awesome, and we were able to use the bounce house we couldn’t use for mini-dudes first. We tend to go for more of a free flowing theme, as in, the theme is bright colors. I mean he’s only 3, he doesn’t quite get the big idea. All he really cares about is whether or not there’s going to be cake. Actually we let him pick out the type of bounce house he would have and he spent the next several weeks talking about his “bounce house party.” Good times were had by all, and we are super thankful for all that came. Ok, enough talk, here’s the awesomeness of little dudes party:

First we had a little fun in the bounce house:

Which was follow by a giant cupake (complete with look of awe:)

Then something that sounded like “Om nom nom nom” happened:

It ended with a little bad influence from his Uncle Ryan:

And of course a family photo:


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