Posted by: adamthedad | June 7, 2011

Mini Dudes 1st Birthday

So umm, his birthday was actually at the beginning of April, I know, I know, slacker Dad right? Well here we go, better late then never. We had a little get together, that was supposed to be a bigger get together, but because it was supposed to rain (it didn’t), we cut out the bounce house, and cut a few guests. It turned out to be a lot of the fun, we rented out our community club house and locked all the kids in so they couldn’t run a muck, and had a grand old time. Mini dude, was, of course freaking cute, and enjoyed every minute of being the center of attention, see, I’ll show you:

First of all, he really is freaking cute:

Second, I think he was excited for his smash cake, courtesy of Kara Noel over at Elis Lids:

Ok, so he was REALLY excited about his smash cake:

All together it was a fun day for the family, and it couldn’t have been better:


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