Posted by: adamthedad | May 30, 2011

The dreaded day has come

Well, it happened, the day I was dreading finally came. the day the crib died. Honestly and truly, I fought it tooth and nail, and spent a good week swimming in denial. Alas, I could not fight it forever, I mean little dude was about to turn three, so we had a good run. You know what though? It wasn’t so bad. We went over to Ikea, and picked out a pretty cool bed for him. We decided to not go with a little kid bed and went right for the big boy bed. He even helped me build it:

We tried to pick out something he would think was cool, and in the end we went with a raised bed, actually so we could talk up the fact that he was high up and would need to call us to help him get down, thus staying in bed. Which, I must say worked like a charm. But his bed was so much more than just a big boy bed it was, well, see for you self, I think he liked it:

It’s been great, little dude has only gotten out of his bed a couple of times, and he’s been sleeping like a champ. So, score one for big boy beds.


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