Posted by: adamthedad | May 3, 2011

A Moving Recap

I know, I’m a bit of a slacker, but I have an excuse for not posting in a couple of weeks. I have been moving you know, so I’ve been a little busy. The reality is, this was a great decision on out part, and it’s already paying off in new friends for the boys, and a ton of opportunity to be part of a community that values families, and really makes an effort to create an interactive community. But, some things are best described in pictures, so take a look:

We started the move at about 9:00am and this is a recap of the next 2 hours (yes 2, we rock):

Then, after a quick stop for the requisite payment of Pizza and Beer to our helpers, we took about another hour to do this:

We were unpacked by Monday (after many an hour cleaning, building, cleaning some more, and lying about in utter exhaustion.) We are already creating memories in out new house:

It’s been great so far, and on next week post? A big boy bed for a little dude!



  1. two hour move? you guys do rock!

    the new place sounds awesome, enjoy!

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