Posted by: adamthedad | March 22, 2011

First Visit to the Dentist

My little dude is growing up, in fact he just hit another mile-stone. His first trip to the dentist. I know the one place we all love to go right? Well, it turns out, someone actually does like to go:

He did fantastic, didn’t even flinch the whole time he was was there.  He got his teeth cleaned, got some x-rays done (no small feat getting him to sit still long enough I might add,) and came away with a clean bill of tooth health. Not to mention he got a “special toothpaste,” a new toothbrush, and best of all sticker. All in all not bad day, I mean he just got to chill:

In case you were wondering, or maybe looking for a good childrens dentist, we took him to Dr. Beanca Chu, you can check her out at . Oh and trust me, this is an unsolicited recommendation, and we payed full price for the dental visit. Don’t believe me, ask my wallet.


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