Posted by: adamthedad | January 25, 2011

I’m loving it

No, I’m not talking about McDonalds. I’m talking about the growing relationship between my two boys. Little dude turns three in may and Mini dude turns one in April. Time is definitely flying, but as mini dude is getting closer and closer to walking hi older brother is getting more and more interested in playing with him, as opposed to just pushing him out of the way that is.

There is nothing cuter then little dude calling to his brother “Come get me” and mini dude crawls after him as fast as possible. I take that back, there is something cuter, watching little dude make mini dude laugh. I tell you what Little dude must be the stand up comedian of toddlers, at least in the eyes of his brother, the laughs we get out of him aren’t nearly as good as the ones little dude gets out of them.

I know that as parents we need to appreciate the now, and not hope they grow up too fast, but I can’t wait to watch them actually run around together, oh and for mini dude to actually be able to defend himself. Things are about to get fun. I mean look at these two:


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