Posted by: adamthedad | January 14, 2011

10 tips to a better resume

I look at 100’s of resumes a day in my line of work. What makes them stand out, what makes them get immediately filed in to the “what were they thinking?” category? Well there are a lot of things that recruiters and hiring managers look for in a resume. Here are 10 things that you can do to help avoid the recycle bin:

1. Be honest. It is better to say I don’t know, but I know where to find out, then to put something on your resume, and try and answer questions about it later.
2. Put months throughout your work experience, not doing so, and only putting in years makes it look like you are covering up gaps in your resume. It’s better to show the gaps and explain the reasons for them in an interview.
3. Have continuity in formatting and flow. When different portions of your resume have different fonts, or different types of bullet points, it becomes a distraction from what matters most on your resume; what you can do.
4. Keep it simple, don’t over format, and don’t use 5 pages when 2 will do.
5. Make your resume results oriented, show your accomplishments.
6. Never, by any means (unless you are trying to get an acting gig) put a picture on your resume.
7. Keep your resume all business, including an interest list including things like “I enjoy working out, golfing, and playing with my dog,” is not going to help you get the job.
8. It is okay to go over one page. IF you have to, you don’t want to leave out important aspects of your experience, just to make it shorter. Don’t sell your self short.
9. Include contact information your resume, and make sure it is professional; is probably a bad move. Contact information included your phone number.
10. Check your spelling and grammar, hiring managers like to see a strong grasp of the English language, have a friend or relative read your resume to proof it.

There are a few others but theses are the biggies. Have questions on your resume? Leave a comment and I will try and help.

And just so this post isn’t completely boring, here’s a great picture of mini dude enjoying his lunch.


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