Posted by: adamthedad | November 18, 2010

Turkey bookends

I would like to propose a new rule for the Christmas Holidays. I am going to call it the turkey bookend rule. Quite simply put, you are hereby only allowed to put up Christmas decorations, sell Christmas anything, between the turkey bookends. To me the Christmas spirit starts with the turkey of Thanksgiving and ends with the Turkey of Christmas day.

As much as I love Christmas, and trust me Christmas will have thrown up on our house if I have my way, the day after Halloween is a bit much. Oh and that one particular radio station that has been playing Christmas music non-stop? Yeah, stop it. Wait until after the first bookend please. Now I know there are certain exceptions, Disneyland for instance has epic amounts of decorating to do, and I love the Holiday season there, but I even had trouble getting in the spirit even with this:


I think there is something in the turkey that triggers the Holiday spirit, and no matter how beautiful or gaudy the decoration, there is just no way to get into the spirit for me before Thanksgiving. How about you?



  1. I completely agree! Getting ready too early for Christmas kills some of the fun

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