Posted by: adamthedad | October 29, 2010

Getting Healthy – Update 2

So it’s been roughly three weeks since I’ve started this little journey to get healthy. So far so good. Although admittedly it’s been a little tougher for several reasons excuses. I will say I got some good news, no diabetes here, but it does look like I’ve got some high bad cholesterol and low good cholesterol, along with slightly high blood pressure. The good news is that working out and eating better, along with some fish oil supplements can fix that problem. Last week was a great work out week for me, this week not so much, between kids not sleeping enough and the rain, I have not been able to work out as much as I would like, only a couple of times this week. I’ve gotten a couple of good bike rides in between the rain, but I think I can do better. Anyways here’s the facts for this week:

Weight: 234.5 (Almost 7lbs so far!) Workouts: Not enough!
Cheese: Almost none, Candy: about the same

So far so good, thanks to those who’ve been holding me accountable, and to my wife who is, pretty much, the most supportive person ever.

And just a reminder of what we’re playing for:




  1. Good luck with your weight loss goals! 🙂

  2. […] Back to Work Dad: Here’s an update from Adam, who recently announced he would embark on a weight-loss journey. The support of his wife seems to be getting him through, so kudos to both of them. […]

  3. Good luck my friend, I am in the middle of the same deal. It is worth doing.

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