Posted by: adamthedad | October 13, 2010

Getting healthy – update 1

So I thought I would update you on the progress so far, I know it’s been less then a week, but this is all about being held accountable, so I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve now made all of you me accountability partners on my journey to get healthy.

I’m actually updating you from the gym as we speak. I’m on the stationary bike doing about 90 RPM, so please excuse the typos. So here’s the update. Ice worked out everyday since my first post, except two, Monday I was a total bonehead and brought my bike to work, but completely forgot my workout clothes and running shoes, I guess it might be sign that my attitude is changing because I was pretty ticked about it. The biggest change I’ve made is how I eat. My beautiful and supportive wife has been helping me find lower calorie alternatives to everything, with some help from eat this not that, and I’ve been eating smaller portions. Tuesday I had to get some blood work done to check my cholesterol levels, and check to see where I am on the diabetes front, so fibers crossed there.

Workouts so far have been a mix of cardio, and weighs, so I’m pretty sure my arms are going to fall off at some point here. I have really bad knees so it’s all bike for me, stationary or on the road. I use a great app called Runtastic to track my rides, to see a sample of one of my rides click here . I’m a tech geek so being able to use a tool like this is great, oh, an it’s free.

So far, so good I say.

The details:

Current weight: 247.2 almost 3 lbs lost! Workouts: 10/9 10 mile bike ride, 10/10 weights at the gym, 10/13 5:30am trip to the gym for some cardio.
Cheese: Waaaaay less Candy: nope, because then I would have to tell all of you in my shame.

Here’s my proof I was at the gym;



  1. Hey Adam,

    How do I know that photo is real? Maybe just a shot from Flickr! Next time please have a shot of you on the treadmill, holding up a newspaper – so we know it is for real!

    Seriously, great job – keep it up. It only gets easier. Once you get the workout bug, you want to keep doing it. The eating part – that is more tricky.


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