Posted by: adamthedad | September 9, 2010

The fatherhood 100 – Laughter

Intro: So um, Dad at the Chalkboard, don’t start counting yet k?

The Fatherhood 100 was started by a guy by the name of Brian here: It’s a writing challenge to take a single word, in this case “Laughter” and write 100 words about what it means to you as a parent. Here’s my shot at it.

Belly laughter, side splitting laughter, courtesy laughter, they’re nothing, nothing compared to your child’s first laugh. And well, every other laugh after that. My boys laughter is like a light in a dark room, like angels have converged golden horns blowing triumphantly. In fact I dare you to not be heartened when you hear the infectious laughter of my 5 month old, and contagious giggling laughter from my 2 year old. The laughter of a child is pure, unhindered by the world, it can dry tears, lighten your load, and relieve stress, all in one glorious sound.

Bonus little video to show you what I mean (Please excuse my annoying voice):



  1. Haha, great! Giggle fits at that age are the best!

  2. Yay for laughter and giggles! Super cute!

  3. Awesome!

    thanks for joining us man!

    (I waited to start counting…lol)

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