Posted by: adamthedad | August 25, 2010

The rise of Dad

It’s coming, like a tidal wave, only you don’t see it coming. The Dad is on the rise, a revolution (or maybe an evolution) has started, and it started with a hashtag: #DadsTalking. What’s a hashtag you non-twitter folk might ask. Well it’s a way to track a conversation on twitter. This particular one is a group of Dad’s that are having real conversations about being Dad’s.

Really honest conversation too, here’s a sample of some of the discussions:

  • Dealing with Cancer
  • The importance of date nights, check out the competition here:
  • How to deal with your temper and avoid losing it.
  • Family mission statements.

These are just a few examples of how today’s Dads are getting more and more involved with the their families. Only to the benefit of their children and their wives. We all hope that one day the absentee father will be gone, that all will be an active participant and that we can help career the burden of a happy healthy family.

Where is this evolution coming from? Well I blame the economy. Here are some quick facts for you from the last year. Three out of four jobs lost have been men, 4 out of 10 mothers are the primary bread winners in their family now, two thirds of women are at least co-breadwinners, and women now make up a full 50 percent of the work place. With those numbers it appears that us parents with a Y chromosome have had to step up to the plate.

I think parenting is a bit like a drug, it’s addicting, it starts off with the first time your baby falls asleep in your arms, then the first time you get them to smile, then your hooked. That’s how it is I think for a lot of Dads, we’ve had a taste, realized that we can handle just about everything our kids throw at us, and then low and behold we love it. We love being involved, sharing the laughter, teaching our girls what man should act like, and teaching our boys what type of man to become.

The only thing left is to overcome the stereotype of the inept father. The “oh are you babysitting” comments on the play ground, because we are fathers and parents, not babysitters.

Want to see what dad’s are talking about follow the #dadstalking hashtag on twitter, and enjoy.



  1. Love it!!! So glad ” dads” are on the rise and the move!! And it’s so true! Fathers today’s are so much more involved than fathers were a generation ago !!! And my boys have the best dad!!

  2. Well-said! Though I would argue that I’m still rather inept. Thankfully, there’s duct tape to the rescue!

  3. All right, all right, I’ll get on Twitter. But only for my family.

    You should read Jeremy Adam Smith’s book, “Daddy Shift.” He explores the ideas you brought up here in great detail. It’s a really good read too.

  4. We are talking more online but the real movement will be when those conversations move offline but with the same depth. I’m digging these online conversations though.

  5. […] Adam the Dad: One of the few men I spoke with (besides Kara-Noel’s “hot hubby” Brad) recently wrote about the rise of Dad — more power to ya, pops. […]

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