Posted by: adamthedad | August 18, 2010

Calling all travel pros!

So we are a little freaked out around here. We are quickly approaching our first ever trip with our kids. Believe it or not, other then a night at a beach house with little dude (in which we packed our entire house) we have never traveled with our little guys. Now we are faced with air travel and more then one night away, with BOTH kiddos.

Having never done it before we need your help. What’s the best travel advice you can give for us to travel with a 2 year old and a 5 month old? Leave your advice in the comments, we appreciate it!

Here is a cute picture to ply you with:



  1. my advice… don’t do it!

    Seriously though, good luck. I have not done air travel with my 2 year old yet, trying to avoid it as long as possible. We did go on a looong road trip last year though. We tried to time it so he would sleep a lot in the car, I think it helped.

  2. Don’t stress to much about it. Although I only traveled with one little one, it wasn’t that hard. Here are a few tips:

    1. make sure lil man is drinking a bottle upon take off and landing…it will help with the ears plugging up. Also do the same with your older son. Give him something to drink or eat during those times.

    2. Go to Target and pick up a few cheap toys and pack them in the care on bag. During random times when The older is being good, pull out a new toy. This keeps him in a happy mood and traveling much easier.

    3. Bring a Portable DVD player. They are life savers for long plane rides. Charge it up. bring an extra battery and few DVD’s that he can watch.

    4. Im not sure how old the lil man is but if he still uses a swing bring one of the small portable swings. they fold up nicely and are easy to take everywhere. Something like this:

    5. bring small snack foods and pack them in ziplock bags. They way they are already porportioned out and ready to go. It’s no fuss eating.

    6. pack some toys in the suit case that they love to play with, a favorite stuffed animal and maybe even their pillow. something that will make them feel comfortable when they go to sleep.

    I wish you luck and again..don’t stress and have fun!


  3. Taylor-Ann petty much covered it. We traveled/flew and were away for about a week when our boys were basically the same ages. We dont watch much TV, but we purchased a portable DVD player specifically for planes. Its a life saver. To add to Taylor-Ann’s #1 – when my oldest was about 5months a lady that was sitting next to us happened to be a nurse. She gave us a great tip. If your little one’s ears are bothering him and it’s not helping to have a bottle or pacifyer I would recommend taking your index finger and rub it up and down the front of his neck. This always seemed to calm our boys down and it helps them swallow. I also spent a lot of time standing in the back of the plane near the “kitchen” rocking. The flight attendants were very understanding.

    Biggest tip I have: Be calm, patient and take lots of deep breaths. I still have to do that every time we take a trip. We’ll be heading back to Texas to see family in October and I’m already thinkng about how y 2-year-old is going to be. 🙂

  4. My wife and I traveled to Korea last summer (14 hours) w/ a 1.5yo. TA is right on! One thing that I wish we didn’t take was a stroller. We stayed in a mostly urban area, but moving the stroller around via cabs or other ppl’s cars was a huge challenge and we ended up leaving it in Korea b/c it’s a hassle to take on the plane. We used our Ergo baby carrier and it was fantastic!

    Not sure about other carriers, but Korean Air let the elderly and those with young children board first, and that was a huge help since we had several huge carryons.

    I’m not sure if this is bad form, but I did a quick post on vacationing tips I learned on our last trip as well if you’re interested:

    Have a great trip!!!

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