Posted by: adamthedad | August 12, 2010

I kinda Miss it

Not all the time but sometimes, I miss my stay-at-home Dadness. It usually happens when I hear about the latest adventure my beautiful wife has taken our little dude on, or when when mini dude has learned something new. Things like this:

I mean as much as I know that Beautiful Wife is rocking the Mom thing, I’d love being home too. So if anyone has a spare winning lottery ticket to make that happen, I’d appreciate it. For now though, I have to be content with the fact that I get to provide for my family, and in this economy, in Orange County, the fact that Beautiful Wife gets to stay home is awesome. In order to help myself get through this, I have created a list of things that make me feel ever so slightly better about not being home too.

  1. The Terrible Two’s, need I say more
  2. Poopy diapers, and to a lesser extent, diapers in general.
  3. The temper tantrum (See #1)
  4. Teething (not yet, but oh it’s sure to come soon)
  5. My complete lack of patience for whining. (See#1 and #3)
  6. My wife is way better at looking after the boys AND getting dinner on the table, AND doing about a million other things at the same time (Seriously I think she has a clone hidden somewhere)
  7. There are bills to pay, and mouths to feed.
  8. See #1

In truth I miss it, the boys are getting bigger everyday and I feel like life is flying by. But Beautiful Wife is also a beautiful mother and she really is better at being at home than me, I mean I can hold my own, but she’s just that good.

Here’s a pic for the road:


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