Posted by: adamthedad | July 6, 2010

Real men wear Bjorn’s

It feels like it’s been a month since I last posted, so here’s a quick recap to get you all caught up, so I can start doing more timely posts again. So here we go, deep breath, ready go!

Oh and I should note that real men wear Bjorn’s:

Back in the beginning of June we went to the Huntington Beach Concours D’Elegance:

Yup, that’s the real deal Kitt, and Deloreon, complete with swooshing light, and Mr. Fusion.

The boy’s are as cute as ever:

Then we spent Father’s day at Disneyland, an epic 13 hour day:

Which culminated in Little Dude’s first ever Fireworks show:

And ended with some sleepy heads (including this Dad who may or may not have had to hoof it from halfway to the parking structure to the lockers on main street because he may or may not have forgotten the stuff in it):

Oh, and the boys are cute:



  1. I love my Bjorn!

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