Posted by: adamthedad | February 19, 2010

A new room for a little dude.

… Or how to redo a room with nothing but a camera, paint, and a box full o’ old stuff.

This past weekend beautiful wife and I finally got around to decorating little dude’s big boy room. I thought I’d share some of our more brilliant ideas. When we did the nursery originally we did a beach theme and we were having trouble finding cheap decorations so we decided that since, you know, we live 3 miles from the beach, why not go take picture on our own, blow ’em and hang ’em on the wall. Here’s what we cam up with:

Pretty cool right? Well we decided to run with that idea for a sports themed (Read baseball and hockey) room. To see where I took the hockey picture, check out Suzanne Broughton’s post here. The stadium is a playoff game at Angel’s stadium.

Add to that a couple of my old (think highschool) jersey’s:

And a sweet accent wall:

And you are golden! What do you think?

Oh and little dude would like to wish you a belated happy valentines day, because there just aren’t enough pictures on this post:


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