Posted by: adamthedad | January 22, 2010

Job hunting Do’s and Don’ts

Job hunting does and don’ts

Hi folks, hope you’re all staying dry, from out my window here, it still looks pretty wet, but I’ve seen more sun in the last half hour then the last 5 days, so it’s a start. I thought I’d take a break from storm watch though and share with you all some does and don’ts for your job search. By the way, all of these have actually happened. Take a look, if you have any thoughts shoot me a comment!

1. Don’t: do this on your resume: Objective: Job. Do: Put a meaning couple of sentences that are tailored to the position your are applying for. Even Better: Customize your entire resume to suit the job, no need to include an objective, if your resume reads like the job description.

2. Don’t: Make up job titles that have nothing to do with your work experience. ie. Social Media Professional, when your experience only talks about a little bit of graphic design work. Do: Use a job title that makes sense. Even Better: Use a job title that makes sense, but works across an entire industry, ie. don’t use Account Media specialist level 7, use Account specialist or Media Specialist.

3. Don’t: Leave dates off of your of your job experience. It makes it look like you are hiding something. Do: Include months as well as years on your resume. Even Better: Be prepared to account for any gaps in employment, and remember that the employment rate sucks right now, and it is perfectly acceptable to not have worked for a year. (if you were unemployed in 2001-2002, same rules apply especially in IT.)

4. Don’t: Format the bejeezes out of your resume. Do: Keep it clean and simple, don’t use tables and special formatting. Often times your resume will be passed from one person to the next, sometimes on different systems, your formatting can get jumbled, especially if a company is putting your resume in an applicant tracking system. Even better: Keep it in a .doc format, try and avoid a PDF.

5. Don’t: Submit yourself willy-nilly everywhere under the sun. Do: Read job descriptions carefully, and submit your resume to those positions you actually are qualified for. Many people believe that it is a numbers game, and while to some extent it is (if you don’t apply, you won’t get a job), applying to the same company on multiple occasions for a huge variety of positions will only turn you into a joke.

Here are some bonus tips for you:

1. Follow up on your applications, try and call in, but at least send and email. Don’t be a stalker!
2. You should never pay to have your resume reviewed.
3. You should never have to pay to get a job, ever.
4. Staffing companies are not the enemy, they will help you with your resume, and if you research them well enough and find one that works extensively with your skill set, they’ll even get you a job.

Well, I hope this helps, let me know what you think in the comments section.

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