Posted by: adamthedad | January 9, 2010

Goodbye to my stay at home dadness

Well, it was a long good road to get back to where I am today.  I have what comes as a bitter sweet announcement for all of my imaginary friends out there.  This week, I started a new job. Yup, you read that right, I’m a working Dad again. I say bitter sweet because really, that’s what it is. It’s sweet, because well I have a job, a paycheck, and insurance again, and I will be able to provide for my family once more. It’s bitter because, although I never thought I would say it, the time I got to spend with little dude, has become irreplaceable. I would not trade it for the world. 

So what comes now with my humble little blog. Well, if you take a look around you will see some changes, a little visual changes here in there. But primarily one thing will never change, this blog is first and foremost about being a Dad. Now however, I’m adding and extra purpose, you see i have spent the better part of my career after college finding people jobs, helping to create great resumes, and walking people through a hiring process. Not to sound self promoting, but I’m pretty good at it. add into that my experience of job searching for myself in the toughest job market most of us have ever seen, and I think I can be a resource.

In a time when 3 out of 4 jobs lost are attributed to men, and many of them Dad’s, I feel i am distinctly positioned to help out those who need. So stay tuned for Dad advice, news, and events, with some good old fashioned employment advice for some added flavor.



  1. Congrats on the new job!

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