Posted by: adamthedad | December 30, 2009

The boat parade round up.

So seeing as I was stuck on a Jury for three weeks I’ve had a bit of a back-up on pictures and some of the first’s of this Holiday season for us. Ready deep breath…..GO.

We went to multiple boat parades this year both Huntington Beach, and the famous 100 year old Newport Beach one. Since we rather enjoyed the Newport one (and I got better pictures for the most part, I’ll run with that one.

One quick stop in H.B. :

The H.B. Parade was nice, but way low key. Although we did meet some very nice people there, one of which being the wife of the guy who runs the Gondola’s in Huntington Beach Harbor. It was funny to see a gondola leading the parade, apparently it was the first time in the parade’s history that it was opened by a people powered boat.

Newport Beach Boat Parade:

We got to the peninsula pretty early & thanks to a nice person we were able to get this great family picture at sunset. Getting there early was perfect, we were able to even get a bench to sit on.

Isaac enjoyed himself, aside from the boats and lights, he just about ran us ragged running up and down the boardwalk.

It’s always fun watching people show off how they have more money then they know what to do with, in a festive way of course.

This last one even had a t-shirt cannon on it, check it out, we got one:

Next up: Even more lights!



  1. Nice Blog.May the new year bring many hits!-MileHighDadParenting Colorado Style!

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