Posted by: adamthedad | October 25, 2009

You know you’re a good Dad when: You wear the official uniform.

For those of you who know me, I wear pretty much the same type of clothes everyday, I like to think of it as the official uniform of the stay at home Dad, in fact Dad’s in general. Allow me to show you:

1. The Hat (and sunglasses): I’d like to say that it’s because I want to set a good example by wearing my hat for the little dude, but frankly, I’m just to lazy to put gel in my hair.

2. Playoff Beard: It may not be Hockey Player quality, but this is me showing my support during Baseball’s playoffs, and yes, I do love the playoff’s that much.

3. Polo Shirt: You may wonder, why not just wear T-shirts every day, well polo shirts make me feel professional, even when I don’t go into an office, so I’m keeping them.

4.  Diaper Bag: Don’t leave home without it.

5. Cargo Shorts: Yes I know in this picture I’m not wearing them, but on this day, Jami was with me, so I had extra pockets. Bottom line, you can never have enough pockets, ever.

6. The shoes: Usually flip flops, for proof look here. But I will change it up when there are large amounts of dirt or if I have to walk miles and miles and miles (Think Disneyland).

Coming soon:

1. A big announcement
2. A day at the Pumpkin Patch
3. Twitter??? What?



  1. Too funny

  2. Great to meet you yesterday. I don't understand why you need a beard for baseball playoffs?!!! What's that all about?

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