Posted by: adamthedad | September 6, 2009

A SAHD’s New Best Friend

I have discovered a new best friend. I can already tell this is going to be a friendship made for the long run, who is this friend you may ask? Don’t you have enough, I mean you have 140 on Facebook, and 271 contacts on LinkedIn, why do you need more? Well allow me to introduce you to my new friend:

Meet Roomba, he is a gentle hard working robot, that keeps his head down and gets the job done. Here is more of him at work:

Here is why he is so great, one I don’t have to supervise him while he vacuums, he just does it, he goes around chairs and goes from the floors to the carpet with the greatest of ease, and even does the edges. Two, upstairs I don’t need to watch him either, he doesn’t fall down the stairs, and doesn’t complain, all while vacuuming where no vacuum can go, under the dresser and the bed! Third and final, as they say on the infomercials I just “Set it and forget it” I can turn him on when I leave the house, and by the time I’m back he has found his way back to his charging station and the floors are vacuumed! Now, normally we wouldn’t have such an extravagant friend, but thanks to we go an awesome deal, and now Roomba is part of the family!


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